Private Schools and Institutions

Private schools and institutions should be safe places to teach and learn. Although headlines frequently remind us that they can also be the setting for some major threats. Private schools and institutions must be prepared to deal with a variety of school security threats, including weather emergencies, lock-downs, bullying and violent assaults.

At Florida Investigations & Executive Protection (FIEP), we will work with you and your staff to make sure that your campus is prepared for everyday and unexpected safety issues. Our private school security solutions are designed and implemented to address your specific goals. We implement advanced campus training programs, to support campus protocols and provide a secure school environment for students, teachers and guests.

Cutting Edge Technology

FIEP offers 24/7 remote monitoring, using the most advanced technology and staffed by highly trained and experienced security officers. We also monitor our guards with the latest advances in technology, including GPS tracking and cameras, so we can ensure the highest level of accountability and reliability.

FIEP continuously stays abreast of the latest in technology so we can provide the highest levels of professional school security. Our latest advancements utilize our proprietary facial recognition software, allowing educational institutions to screen visitors against a database of known sex offenders, felons and banned individuals, and immediately alerting the appropriate personnel to their presence.

Highly Trained Private School Security Teams

The rigorous security training programs at FIEP result in very highly trained, licensed security officers. Therefore, they have the ability to use advanced surveillance techniques to identify potential threats. More importantly, they are prepared to respond quickly to emergencies. Our goal is to provide the best-trained security personnel for private schools, colleges and other educational institutions.

Why Choose FIEP?

As needed, we can provide officers who are CPR/AED certified, or who speak languages other than English. We believe it's important to assign officers who fit into your school's culture from the start, so students can feel comfortable with them and staff turnover can be minimized. We are committed to the best interests of our clients and their students, which helps us to build lasting relationships. A safe environment is a prerequisite for parental peace of mind. Without it, enrollment will suffer.

If you are concerned about the safety and security of your private school or institute - give Florida Investigations a call. Let our Security Experts put their knowledge and experience to work for you.

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