CCTV and Surveillance

CCTV and Surveillance

Florida Investigations & Executive Protection (FIEP) is committed to staying up to date with technological innovations of CCTV and Surveillance to provide the best security solutions for our clients. We have earned a stellar reputation for our integration of cutting-edge communication and surveillance technology with skilled security officers.

Technology Offered

  • CCTV Digital Cameras with Secure Web Interface
  • Video Surveillance Systems, and Audio Channels
  • Access Control Systems (alarm and alarm monitoring)
  • Low Light and Infra-red Camera Systems
  • Restricted Access Elevators
  • Biometric Systems (iris, digit and facial recognition)
  • Remote Security Platforms (via IP monitored cameras and systems)
  • Keypads and Smart Card Readers
  • Video Surveillance with Integrated Audio Channels
  • Fixed and Dynamic Motion
  • Digital Cameras (zoom, pan and tilt)
  • Electronic Surveillance Reports
  • Digital Identification Systems
  • Parking Access Control
  • License Plate Readers
  • Event Activated Surveillance and
  • Digital Recording

You’ll improve security and your bottom line with customized security services from Florida Investigations & Executive Protection. Our expert security team offers risk assessment and security consulting to help offer you the best security software solutions from a multitude of reliable technology platforms.

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